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then hating you for what you were

Rachelll. !@#
10 May

Embers, We're burningg bridges downnnn
Envelopes stuffed withh feelingss Found
To write this down as means 2 Reconcile

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I love The Used .. isn't it kinda obvious ??
And Quinn Alman is fucking hot and I love him.

The Used ; Brand New ; Taking Back Sunday ;
Hawthorne Heights ; Underoath ; PmToday ;
Matchbook Romance ; My Chemical Romance ; Sum41
The Killers ; Mae ; The Starting Line ; Falloutboy
Papa Roach ; Lit ; Coheed and Cambria ; WEEZER
The Spill Canvas ; Black Maria ; Silversteinnn
Motion City Soundtrack ; Saves the dayy ; SensesFail<333

Laysa Michelle Neto __ You are the truest friend that I've got .
ever since the day I met you . you have been there for me , andd
I can't thank you enough for being there . you are the best ily*
best friends no doubt babe . im gonna be there till the endd =)

Chelta Corrine __ OKAY WHERE TO START ? You are so awesome babee
you are like unbelievable to me . You are always there . I meann
always . Thanks so much for everything I love you & warped willl
definately be great , bffe * i promise i'll be there for you <33

Jenna & Anna __ you've been there alot for me this year thanks so
much for everything you've gone thru to be there for me . without
you both I would be so lost . I'm always here for you I LOVE YOUs

Holly Michelle Sorgman __ you are so sweet , we've been friends 4
a long time . And I can tell you anything I wicked love you babee

Brittany Lynn Golden __ I love you so much babe we are like sisters
your here alot , thanks for that . I'll never forget the time u sat
with me while I cried at the dance . your a sweetheart & i love you

Adrianna Santos __ I WICKED LOVE YOU . we were really close last year
and i dont know what happened . and now we are wicked close againn! &
I'm wicked happy , your so cute . And we stalk together :) hehe love u

Alie Carmooooo ! __ I miss you And I can't wait till highschool

Lindsey __ my boyfriend i love youu lots sweetie
Shelbbb __ I wicked love you babe your so cute .
Rileyyy __ thanks for being there i love you lots

Steph ___ I miss you so much ! I cannot wait untill
I see you again . I promise the memories will never
fade . And I'm always going to be there for youuuu!
If I visit this summer we will have a blastttttt <3

Daniellee __ I miss you so much I haven't seen you in
a while , can't wait to chillll again . I love youuuu
best friends no doubt :) I LOVE GINA TOOOO . <33 bffe

Aliee Levesque __ babe we dont talk anymore i haventt
seen you in forever , but this summer we are going to
chill right? yay i love you alott babe best friends<3

My guys _ Pd.Jc.Ph.Cd.Jm.Rm.As.Bc. I love you alottt.

want a big shout out let me know kayy ?

Credit to _love_suicide_x for my layout:)